Oct 2, 2020

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Escape Room Strategies

An escape room, sometimes called an escape puzzle, is basically a game where a group of players collaborate together to find clues, solve problems, and do tasks within a group of rooms in order to move forward and reach a final goal within a certain amount of time. Typically, the objective is to escape the room of the puzzle. But that doesn’t mean that they should be impossible to do. In fact, the goal of many games like these is to escape in less than twenty minutes. This can be done by developing short, sharp, puzzles. These puzzles should use both visual and auditory clues to help players reach the goal in the shortest amount of time possible. There are some great examples of escape games online, but you can also create your own. Have a look at escape room games¬†for more info on this.

An important thing to remember when designing a room for an escape is that the environment and the clues are supposed to be realistic. You shouldn’t have a room that is filled with realistic, computer generated items. Instead, the objects should look real, and they should be placed in the environment realistically. For example, if a player is locked in a closet, you should place a real closet there. In order to make things even better, you should have different items strewn around the room for players to interact with.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the rooms should be varied in terms of their layout. You should give people different options so that they can choose from a few rooms while still solving the same problem. Finally, the rooms should be designed with a puzzle element in mind.