Jul 15, 2020

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House Painting Offers A Great Return On Investment

Exterior properly done house painting is perhaps the single most cost-effective step a homeowner can take to maintain and secure his greatest investment, his home. Save money on housepainting  is one of the authority sites on this topic. Of the best investments a homeowner can make is the return on investment from a professional paint job. Your house not only looks fantastic but painting enhances marketability and value.

Quality painting at the house immediately increases the curb appeal of a home. A well maintained, decorated home stands out in a crowd. When people see an expertly decorated house they admire the property being cared for properly. Standard high quality property management greatly decreases potential maintenance costs. If a house is well maintained, expensive and time-consuming repairs are minimised. A great paint job is the best way to show the loving care and attention to detail that a home has to offer.

When people see a home where painting is needed they shy away from further involvement. The idea is, “if these are the things I can see, what will I not see that will come back to haunt me?” Tom Hanks and The Money Pit come to mind. People love a beautifully painted home, and recognize that painting generally means that the home has been cleaned regularly and properly.

A home that needs painting has significantly reduced interest. People are very concerned about the expenses to be incurred while painting the abandoned building, and move on to the beautifully painted home, ideal for instant, hassle-free occupancy. Add just some furniture! Those people who don’t move on usually discount the value of the unpainted house, often far above the actual cost of the house painting that is needed.

One of the first things a Realtor would recommend when selling a house is a fresh coat of paint. Professionals in real estate know that a professionally decorated home will “say” more, sell quicker and eventually close for a higher price. Regardless of its presentation and the clear perception that this is a well cared for house, a painted house is much simpler to sell.

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